Friday, September 23, 2016

9/23/2016 Being the Anti-Obama Isn't Enough

The "unfairness" of our major free trade agreements isn't in price manipulation or one way tariffs.

The problem is in the fact that we are excessively taxing and regulating, giving ourselves an unfair disadvantage.

Some regulation is necessary, as well as some taxation -- but if you over-tax you'll under-collect because you'll drive business out of the country.

Hillary and Trump are both wrong.

But Obama isn't right either.

So to examine who's the most "wrong" here -- the answer is free trade AND competitive business climate (low taxes and regulation). If you HAVE to maintain some regulations then you make up for the cost of those regulations in lower taxes to keep business competitive. How do they score?

Gary Johnson: correct on both.
Stein: wrong on both.
Clinton: wrong on both.
Trump: right on taxes and regulation, but wrong on trade.

These compare to Obama who is right on trade, but wrong on taxes and regulation.

Trump is indeed the anti-Obama here, but he'll just make the opposite mistakes and will not solve the problem, but merely create a different problem.

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