Wednesday, November 13, 2013

11/13/2013 Sector update

At 3:59 the sector model flipped back to XLB.

The process is to trade any favorable gap in the morning (i.e. XLK up and XLB down), and if there is no favorable gap, to reassess at 3:45pm.


  1. As a day trade, switching from XLB to XLK yesterday would have grossed +0.25% (XLK did 0.82% from open to close, XLB did 0.57%). Is there a way to efficiently day trade this swap? (i.e. in lieu of executing 2 trades at the open and the opposite 2 trades at the close)?

  2. I've been doing just that over these past whipsaws. I had just enough time to make the trade myself, but there was no way to notify anyone else in time.

    I always post any changes visible at 3:45 -- which gives folks enough time to swap out before the close, but anything after that is only time enough for my own trade.

    So far I've been picking up a few bucks on each of these whipsaws. Kind of makes up for the annoyance...