Thursday, December 18, 2014

12/18/2014 Two Global Warming Periods Compared

The following chart compares the current 20,000 year period of global warming with the previous one 133,000 years ago:

I've used the date range for the present cycle, and the red "Current Temp" line terminates at the year 2000.  The cycle for 133,000 years ago is compared to today's dates.  The temperatures listed are relative to today's temperatures.

The "solar" lines are the solar obliquity I mentioned in the previous post, carried forward to compensate for the delay between solar warming and the effects on Earth's climate.

A few observations to add to yesterday's post:

1) The previous interglacial cycle was warmer than this one.
2) The previous interglacial cycle had a sudden (last gasp) spike of global warming starting around where we are today, and today's current concerns would fall in line with normal behavior.
3) Sometime in the next 2,000-4,000 years the Earth should begin to cool.
4) 2,000 years from now the Earth should be about the temperature it is today.
5) All of this is normal.
6) None of this is avoidable.

In summary:

I have no objection to modern concerns about global warming.  What I DO think is a bunch of "hot air" is the idea that this is abnormal.  We are entirely within normal behavior.

I have no objection to green energy.  What I DO think is a bunch of "hot air" is the idea that we can produce green energy faster than science can make it efficient.

I have no objection to environmental concerns.  What I DO think is a bunch of "hot air" is the idea that we can absolutely control the environment.

We should CARE for the environment as its servants.

We cannot CONTROL the environment as its masters.

We are well developed animals.

We are not gods.


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