Wednesday, December 24, 2014

12/24/2014 Intraday Trade

The full model sold FSLR and bought BBRY with a 1% favorable gap.


  1. Hi Tim,

    The model sold FSLR and yet the price has gone down over these last 3 weeks. How do I interpret this change? If the stock was cheap enough back then, it should be even cheaper now. Or have the fundamentals changed in the mean time?


  2. Hi Wil,

    The full model is a mixture of fundamental and technical considerations. There is a stop-loss category in the technical model that indicates an industry has become too unpredictable to hold onto. I could end up picking FSLR back up in a few weeks if the industry stabilizes. Time will tell.

    That said, there are also some fundamental improvements I've made to the full model since I purchased FLSR, but that didn't play a role in this trade.