Thursday, April 23, 2015

4/23/2015 A Change of Pace

The blog has had a change of pace -- partially from life and partially from tactics.

My family moved to another home and promptly experienced the stress of changed commutes.  Just today I had a two hour commute instead of my typical short one because my wife needed to see a child in the hospital and I had to pick up my own kids, then cook, etc.

Immediately after the move the entire family got the flu.

And then my home computer died.

I'm writing this on another computer while I wait for a replacement.

So, a change in life pulled me away from the work on the model and the blog.

I've also had a change of tactics.  Instead of posting the trade ahead of time, I calculate a target trade gap and only trade if that gap happens.  Today the trade would have been SSYS to DRQ if there was at least a 1% favorable gap.

The gap never happened, and so I didn't make the trade.  The calculated gaps range from 9% to 0% (i.e. ANY favorable gap).

On top of that I've been planning for some further studies in CAPE trades -- not for the market as a whole but instead for individual stocks.  I have my own formula, and DRQ certainly qualifies.  But the idea is to invest in stocks that could be held long term in case I'm no longer around.

(Yes, I just had a birthday and was reminded of my mortality).

In any case, I have further testing to do.  The data is on file -- it's just a matter of studying it.  The ideal portfolio is one that is capable of both a quick profit or a long term investment in case you aren't in a position to trade for a long time.

More to come...

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