Sunday, January 22, 2017

1/22/2017 Change of Format

Now that the model is no longer experimental, a few changes are in order for the blog.

1)      I’ll do quarterly updates on the performance metrics.
2)      I’ll update the sectors, industries, and market conditions when they change.
3)      I’ll update on trades.

That leaves a lot of empty space, which I’ll fill with weekly trading interests and periodic market musings.

My current interest is BZH (Beazer Homes USA) in the HOMEBILD industry.  The stock looks interesting, and the industry makes sense given our current President, so I found it intriguing that it’s popped up on my model.  I’m not due for a trade this week, but a huge gap up in one of my stocks or a huge gap down on BZH may prove interesting.  The current price is 12.7 and I estimate it’s likely worth about 22.  It has a high Beta and horrible earnings this past year.  It’s the kind of stock that has scared away both human beings and black boxes, which is the type of stock I’m looking for – one at maximum terror for any sane investor or logical machine.

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